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About Oakwell Hall

oakwell hall and country park


Oakwell Hall was built by John Batt in 1583 and is now run as a 'living museum' furnished as the Batt family home in the 1690s

Thanks to only minor alterations over the years and a fine collection of period furniture, the Hall offers visitors a real insight into a post English Civil War household. Charlotte Bronte was so inspired by the house during her visits in the 19th century that she featured it as "Fieldhead" in her classic novel Shirley.

The restored gardens are well worth a visit, and over 100 acres of Green Flag award winning country park include a visitor centre, gift shop, café, nature trail, picnic sites and a new playground designed for children of all abilities. The refurbished Countryside Information Centre opposite the play area is well worth a visit as well.

And if you can't actually get to us at the moment - take a peek at our wonderfully authentic 16th Century Manor House with our virtual tour.

Pass by the magnificent fire-place, and visit the Parlour Chamber with its scrumbled walls. Upstairs you can see the family Bible Box, and the beautiful quilt and bed hangings stitched by the Oakwell Broiderers. Imagine John Batt working on the estate's accounts in the small study, or imagine the hustle and bustle of the kitchen with its wonderful charcoal stove.

The Hall and gardens are registered with the Charity Commission, charity number 1113316.

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