The Friends offer regular and occasional volunteering opportunities and we’d love to hear from you. New volunteers are always welcome. Find out more on the pages on The Friends in Action and Past Projects.

There are two main types of volunteering opportunities.

Examples of outdoor activities include;
  • Weeding and planting, repairing paths, cleaning ponds, clearing leaves and generally helping to maintain the Oakwell grounds. We work in cooperation with the Rangers on these projects.
  • Help at events such as crowd control, car parking stewards and general assistance to the Rangers/Staff as required.
  • Erection/removal of party tents and gazebos etc.

We have a regular outdoor workshop, usually held on the first Saturday of each month. Times and dates will be confirmed on our private volunteer WhatsApp group, so let us know if you would like to come along.

All necessary equipment is provided, and a quick tool talk is also included.

Examples of Indoor Activities include;
  • Act as stewards/guides in the Hall at major events. We will pair you with an experienced Friend for training.
  • Help keep the crowd circulating, and answer questions about the Hall.
  • Demonstrate traditional crafts and handicrafts at events (sometimes in costume). These include badge making, “God’s Eyes”, pomanders, and quill pen writing. Again, buddy-type training with an experienced Friend will teach you the necessary skills.
  • Help at event stalls such as tombolas, tea bars, and cake stalls*. If you can also donate baking, even better!**
  • Write articles for our BAfMaward-winning newsletter: suitable topics include the history and geography of the Oakwell area, local plants and wildlife, the English Civil War, and similar topics of interest to our members.
  • If you have regular time to offer, you would be welcome on the Friends’ Committee.

*The cake stalls don’t require any specialised training, simply to be aware of basic hygiene rules. Regulars can do a food hygiene course online every two or three years, which is provided by Kirklees Council free of charge.

The Benefits of Volunteering
  • Friendship and meeting people with a similar interest to yourself.
  • Improve your confidence and well-being.
  • Make a positive contribution to the community.
  • Learn new skills, or the opportunity to use existing ones.

The only costs incurred by volunteers are in getting here. Expenses are considered to be a contribution to the Friends and are not reimbursed. There are exceptions in cases of hardship, please contact us to ask about this.

All you require is a strong pair of shoes for outdoor work, and enthusiasm for the Hall and Park no matter what role you play.

More volunteers will enable the Friends to make an even greater contribution to the success of this amazing historical site and make a visit to us an even better experience. So contact us today and offer your support.