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New Parlour

Displayed as a private dining room for the family in the 1690s. Inventories of this period show that parlours often contained bedsteads and bedding - it was not unusual to find rooms downstairs being used as bedchambers.

Things to look out for in the New Parlour

  • Spice cupboard: Late 17th century oak. Spices were used extensively but were expensive and were kept under lock and key.
  • Table: Oak refectory table with a variety of reproduction pottery and pewter for a family meal.
  • Armed chair at the head of the table: Dates from 1670. Date and initials IP are carved into the backrest. Made entirely of oak and on loan from V & A Museum.
  • Table carpet: Of Persian origin and placed on the table for protection.
  • Side table: Late 17th century oak table with a selection of dishes and cutlery.
  • Chairs: 17th-century oak
  • Portraits: It was fashionable in the late 17th century to hang portraits of important people in the dining room, probably to impress visitors. The three portraits in this room are: Charles II, Sir Thomas Fairfax and William Cavendish.
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