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Kitchen Chamber

This was probably the servant's bedroom and main storeroom for food. It's un-panelled and open to the roof.

Things to look out for in the Kitchen Chamber

  • Meal Ark: Massive chest used for storing grain. Found in many 17th century homes and could be locked to stop servants stealing the grain. In 1611 this room had five arks.
  • Half-headed bed: Known as ‘half-headed' because it does not have a canopy. Could have slept three or four servants at a time.
  • Chests: Used for food storage. The aumbry with two carved ‘windows' for ventilation is the 17th century and may be of German origin.
  • Spinning wheels: Typical of spinning wheel used in this area.
  • Skillet: In the 17th century most saucepans, skillets, cauldrons and cooking pots had three short legs. This enabled them to be balanced directly on the fire.

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