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Minstrel's Gallery, Study & Staircase

The Minstrel Gallery overlooks the Great Hall and gives you a wonderful view of the large window which is such a feature of the Hall.

The window probably dates from mid 17th century and still contains the original glass which was hand made and has scratched signatures. The colour is due to the varying mineral content of raw materials, e.g. yellow and green indicate arsenic content. A large window was an indication of wealth. 

The small study, sited off the Gallery, is probably where John Batt contemplated the estate's accounts and family affairs.  The 1611 inventory of Robert Batt of Oakwell Hall shows him to have over 60 books at a time when books were very expensive and few people could read. 

Peeping down the Grand Staircase (sadly no longer in use)  gives you a sense of the opulence of life here at Oakwell in its heyday.

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