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Great Parlour Chamber

This room is displayed as the master's bedchamber.

Bedchambers served dual functions and were often used as day rooms or to entertain guests.   The bed dates from 1590 and was known as a tester bed. A very grand piece made of oak with marquetry headboard and elaborate carvings and probably a prized heirloom as beds like this were handed down from one generation to the next. On loan from V & A Museum.

The hangings are reproductions made by Christopher Pratts of Bradford.

Things to look out for in the Great Parlour Chamber

  • Bible Box: On the table at the side of the bed this oak box is dated 1666. It was used to store family papers, writing materials and important items such as the family bible. Could be locked.
  • Chest: A marriage chest made of elm and inscribed "Elizabeth Lovell 1640". Chests were brought into the household by a new bride and used to store linen and other domestic textiles. On loan from V & A Museum.

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