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Would have been one of the busiest rooms. Furnished throughout with reproduction items. The fire and stove can be lit and the room is regularly used by visiting school children.

Things to look out for in the Kitchen

  • Stove: Reproduction of a 17th century charcoal-burning stove based on one in Skipton Castle.
  • Fireplace: Probably 19th century as it is too small for a 16/17th century fireplace.
  • Ironware: All made to 17th century design.
  • Table: Both tables are reproduction.
  • Treen: Wooden items typical of pieces found in the 16/17th centuries.
  • Oakcake rack: Suspended from the ceiling and also known as a creel. Used to hang oat-cakes to dry once they had been baked on a griddle.
  • Ceramics: Large selection of pottery, mostly brown earthenware.
  • Lighting: Rush-light holder on table. Rushes dipped in lard provided a cheap form of lighting.
  • Candles were expensive and servants were expected to use rush lights.
  • Buckets: Reproduction buckets used to bring water from a nearby well, the location of which is not known.