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Painted Chamber

Displayed as a lady's bedchamber - the mistress might use the room for entertaining or spend time here herself during the day. Most of the furniture in this room is reproduction and shows what oak looked like when new. The original items are the panelling and portrait.

The bed is made by Stuart Reproductions, Somerset and based on a 16th-century original. The hangings are made of cotton/linen with crewelwork embroidery in wool.

Things to look out for in the Painted Chamber

  • Panelling: Oak and painted with the 3D effect seen in the Great Parlour downstairs. Five layers of emulsion have been removed from the panelling.
  • Bed: Beside the bed is an earthenware chamber-pot (known in the 16 and 17th centuries as a piss-pot) decorated with a liquid clay called slip.
  • Chest: Made by Jacobus, North Yorkshire and based on 17th-century design.

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