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virtual tour of Oakwell HallLook around this wonderfully authentic 16th Century Manor House. Go straight to your favourite room, or take the whole tour, starting in the Great Hall and moving round the house from room to room.

Some images are used by kind permission of Fairfax Battalia

The Great Hall

The focal point of the house and used as a reception area for entertaining and dining. Manorial courts presided over by the steward and dealing with estate grievances and discipline, would take place here.

Things to look out for in the Great Hall

  • Dog Gates: A decorative and practical feature. These gates were used to prevent household dogs (kept for hunting and hawking - not as pets) from going upstairs. These are a rare survival.
  • Birstall Chairs: Pair of 17th century oak armchairs probably dating from 1650 - 1700. The carved lozenge on the back suggests they were made in Yorkshire and this design is associated with a workshop group from the Bradford-Leeds-Halifax area.
  • Table: Made of oak and dates from 1600 - 1650. Carved frieze along one side only, suggests that when in use it was positioned against a wall. Purchased with assistance of grant from V & A Museum.
  • Settle: A 17th century piece. Note lozenge carving on back panel - probably made locally. Settle cover embroidered by the Oakwell Broiderers.
  • Chandelier: A gift from the Bronte Society in 1977. Reproduction.


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