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Books about Oakwell

Other Titles of Interest

Joseph Priestley Son of Birstall; a Truly Great Briton by Dr Stephen Bartle
An new insight into the life and times of Dr Joseph Priestley, due out 13th March 2005. It will be obtainable from the offices of "The Batley News".

A Brief History of Howley Hall By Jay Whittam ISBN 0 9522427 0
available from Howley Golf Club & Oakwell Hall

Historical Snapshots of Batley & Birstall By Malcolm Haigh,
Designed, printed and bound by Smith Settle, Ilkley Road, Otley, LS21 3JP

The History of Batley By Malcolm Haigh, Printed by Smith Settle

Life at Thornhill Hall in the Reign of Charles I By B H Nuttall
(privately published by Impression, 14 Brown Lane, Leeds LS12 6BH)

Spen Valley – a landscape of hamlets Published by Yorkshire Post Tong Hall
Can be bought from Oakwell shop

Walks around Leeds By Frank Wilkinson (Yorkshire Evening Post)
Printed by Collective UK Limited

Yorkshire Heritage
Free Yorkshire tourist publication from http://www.yorkshireheritage.com/

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